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He expressed this opinion at a press conference on the launch of the “Marathon of Good Deeds

He expressed this opinion at a press conference on the launch of the “Marathon of Good Deeds

He expressed this opinion at a press conference on the launch of the “Marathon of Good Deeds

Ilze Liepa herself described it as “the beginning of the all-Russian dance movement”. 

Within the framework of this project, not only a creative competition is held, but also work with teachers. 

“We travel to the regions and always find understanding from the leadership of the regions, we conduct master classes for teachers and choreographers. The Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Olga Vasilyeva said that we must start with the training of teachers, advanced training – and we have such programs. We sincerely believe that what kind of teachers are like children, therefore we need to pay great attention to such work, “- concluded the People’s Artist of the Russian Federation.

The Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science, on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, conducted an analysis of the existing Olympiads for schoolchildren.

According to the results of research carried out jointly with the Federal Institute of Pedagogical Measurements, in a number of cases, it was found that the Olympiad tasks did not meet the necessary requirements. 

So, for example, tests with a choice of answer were discovered – this format of work does not correspond at all to the format of the Olympiad tasks.

“Not all existing school Olympiads should be included in the list of Olympiads for schoolchildren that provide benefits when entering universities,” said Anzor Muzaev, deputy head of Rosobrnadzor.

He noted that in some regional Olympiads, 60% of the winners did not pass the threshold values ​​for passing the exam. 

“We are, of course, talking about various regional Olympiads, not all-Russian”, – said Muzaev. 

He urged to pay serious attention to this work and take the necessary steps to improve the quality of regional Olympiads.


Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Pavel Zenkovich called on the parent community, the media and public organizations to get involved in the work on the formation of safe behavior skills on the roads in children and adolescents. 

“Education is not only a school, it cannot be considered separately from the context of the family and its role in raising children, the role of the media, public organizations and social networks, their impact on the teenage audience, cannot be belittled,” he stressed. 

Zenkovich suggested creating educational programs and lessons using modern gaming technologies so that they would be interesting for children of all ages. 

The Deputy Minister also recalled that the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia is actively working to improve the skills of safe behavior on the road, and they talk about this not only within the framework of the Basics of Life Safety course, but also in other subjects. 

“The topic of road safety is present throughout the entire education of the child, starting with the lessons of the world around him in primary school, as well as in the lessons of life safety, social studies, physics and others,” he said. 

Zenkovich also noted that the Ministry is working with the traffic police, is working out additional programs and measures for implementation in educational institutions.


At the II All-Russian Forum “Children’s Camp – a New Educational Space” held at the Artek ICC, Deputy Director of the Federal Center for Children and Youth Tourism and Local History Leonid Protsenko spoke about the need to change the vector of training for counselors and camp staff.

“Many conflict situations are associated with a lack of effective communication skills. We need to teach children to talk, ”he said. 

Protsenko noted the low level of psychological literacy of camp staff and counselors.

“In addition to pedagogical technologies, we will talk about the need to pay attention to the foundations of developmental and social psychology,” he stressed. 

According to the expert, modern children are completely different, “generation Z”, born after 2000. He emphasized that it is possible to lose the child’s need to be included in society due to the low level of training of counselors and not understanding what a person is.

“We analyzed the“ Generation Z ”and found out that these children have a personal need for eventfulness, they should be everywhere here and now. If this is not realized, internal experiences begin. In language development: they read by keywords. We require them to implement the program, according to which the counselor is used to working, but they read differently. It is necessary to change the approach to building programs, working with counselors, “- said Protsenko.

He drew attention to the new need of adolescents – “the claim to recognition”, which means to complete the task quickly, here and now, “to receive an award, to realize the need for recognition.” 

“We are different. We want it to be done for centuries, they want to do it quickly and get the result, ”the expert stated.

Eduard Isakov, a member of the Federation Council Committee on the Rules and Organization of Parliamentary Activities, is confident that anyone, regardless of age, can take part in volunteer activities. 

He expressed this opinion at a press conference on the launch of the “Marathon of Good Deeds. How to become a volunteer? ” This action is timed to coincide with the Year of the Volunteer in Russia.

“The role of volunteerism will only grow,” he said. 

Isakov added that any individual who volunteers independently or as part of an organization can be a volunteer. 

“This is caring for the sick, and supporting children in hospices, and cleaning up garbage, territories, caring for animals … there are volunteers who help put out fires,” he explained. 

Isakov also noted the older generation of volunteers.

“There are 50+ volunteers who want to share their skills and knowledge. Anyone can become a volunteer, if there is a desire, ”he said. 

On July 1, the all-Russian volunteer action “Marathon of Good Deeds” starts, timed to coincide with the Year of the Volunteer in Russia. The idea of ​​holding the action belongs to the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation. Within the framework of the marathon, participants will not only do good deeds, but also share their experience, try themselves as volunteers of the most effective NGOs on an ongoing basis.


On May 30, graduates of Russian schools take the unified state exam in basic mathematics. 

Ivan Yashchenko, head of the FKR in mathematics, talks about the development of mathematical education in Russia. 

“We continue to implement a set of measures stipulated by the Concept for the Development of Mathematical Education in Russia, which was adopted in accordance with the implementation of the May presidential decree. In his message to the Federal Assembly, he separately mentioned mathematics, and we understand that everyone needs mathematics, in our digital age everyone needs it. 

That is why we have two exams: one basic for those who then plan to work or continue their education in those professions where the USE in mathematics is not required.

But this does not mean that mathematics is not needed in these professions.

The just concluded SPIEF had a separate discussion on mathematics in the era of numbers, where the role of mathematics in the development of the economy was emphasized. And they sorted out, including examples of basic-level tasks.

Indeed, the problems that children solve today may seem simple to some mathematicians, but in fact these are problems both for logic and for analyzing practical data. They are understandable to everyone, and will allow the guys to be successful in later life.

This division sharply reduced the psychological stress of the children in front of mathematics, because earlier the same exam was taken by both humanities students and those who go to technical universities. 

Now the exam is divided, everyone solves their own problems. Rosobrnadzor made an important decision, and you can choose both exams. 

The guys get psychological confidence that everything is in order with the certificate, and when they go to the profile exam, they will be calmer and show better results. 

I also want to emphasize that the mathematics exam has not changed for two years. The structure, complexity, content remain the same. 

There are open task banks at the disposal of graduates, there are no surprises. 

Stability, confidence, understanding are the distinctive features of the exam. “


The Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Olga Vasilyeva recalled the importance of educational work that teachers should carry out at school. 

“Unfortunately, now, according to a poll by VTsIOM, 67% consider themselves obliged to give only the subject. And that’s all. And some suggest: “I will give the subject, but let there be someone else who will raise the children.” This is not correct: in education you cannot separate training from upbringing, nothing will work out, ”she stressed in an interview with Interfax.

The Minister also noted the importance of individual work with a child, since all children are different, and “difficult” ones require more attention. Transfer to home schooling or attempts to hide the problem does not lead to anything, therefore educational and preventive work is especially important. 

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